Monday, September 12, 2016

Supernatural Comfort

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Pep talks, whether we give them to our self or someone else gives us one, are usually rather useless and anti-climactic. They do not change our situation and the words ring with an empty echo in our soul. People mean well, but their words seem trite compared to our issues.

God gave us dozens of stories in His Word, with situations and outcomes similar to ours. He gives us the root cause and solution for each scenario too, so that we can draw comfort from the lives of these ancient Saints.

Jesus reminded us that we would have trials in life, just like He did; but then He comforts us with the revelation that He already overcame these trials; so He can help us through them, since He lives within us (Romans 15:4; John 16:33).

Paul, an accomplished soldier and statesman, lived a successful life until he met Jesus on the road to Damascus in broad daylight. He ended up blinded by the risen Jesus' great light, and this caused him to spend time in retrospection, introspection and meditation until his eyes healed.

From this experience and his future persecution, he learned to rejoice in every situation, because He knew that God hid the seed for a miracle within every one of them. If nothing else, trials teach us patience, just as his did.

After meeting Christ, Paul's life had so much more peace, because he allowed patience to do her perfecting work during the trials of life (2 Corinthians 1:3). God actually gave him rest for his soul as well as his body (Matthew 11:28; Hebrews 4:3).

As we learn from these examples, we count every trial as a joyous occasion too; and we develop this same patience, which perfects our faith (2 Corinthians 1:4). If we seek Him first, God always comforts us in times of discouragement and tribulation (2 Corinthians 7:6).

As we draw near to God, and trust only in Him, He provides for us in such magnanimous ways that we cannot help but to shout it from the rooftops (and post it in our social media accounts) (Psalm 73:28). In times of illness or grief, and even on our deathbed, God sustains us (Psalm 41:3).

Father God, thank You for delivering us whenever we call on You (Psalm 50:15). In our weakest moments in life, You give us Your strength. We end up boasting in the victorious outcome of our trials, because of the supernatural work, which You accomplish for us in each one of them (2 Corinthians 12:9-10).

You are our refuge and strength, and You remove our fear by consoling us throughout our lifetime (Psalm 46:1-2; Isaiah 40:29). You are our Father of Lights and we glorify You and give You all the praise for giving us Your character, nature and gifts (James 1:17). Thank You for allowing us to cast our burdens on You, for sustaining us and caring for us, and for not allowing life to overcome us (Psalm 55:22).

Thought for the Day:
Through the comfort and patience we learn through reading the scriptures, we develop hope, which keeps us from feeling shame and discouragement during times of trouble and trials. - Romans 5:5, 15:4

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