Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Divine Appointment

Red Dahlia Flower

As you know, women are "nesters". I particularly need order and symmetry to provide my soul - my thoughts, feelings and choices - with rest in my natural surroundings.

In order to remain in the rest of the Lord, I usually change my focus about disorder, and I look for the seed for a miracle in every trial. Well, today, God answered FOUR separate prayers of mine in a matter of 10 minutes.

For the last eight months, I lived around mountains of boxes in three rooms of my home, because I was doing major cabinet painting and shelf lining in our trailer.

Since December 18th, we have lived out of suitcases because all of our other belongings shipped to our new home in Illinois. Since December 26th, we were on the road and living with ever-decreasing boxes stacked in every room of our new home.

A week ago, every box was unpacked, but I had no place to put some things, because we are waiting for our trailer to sell in order to buy furniture (keep this in prayer for us, please).

Well, today, we were on our way to Good Will by the Super Walmart in Marion to check on what furniture we could find at a discount; and we took a wrong turn and ended up in the middle of nowhere!!!!

My hubby pulled into the parking lot of Picker's Outlet Mall in Johnson City to check our map and told me to go in and see what they had in stock while he did that. We walked out of there with an oak hutch and two metal, four-shelf plant stands for less than $200.

This allowed me to put a piece of my furniture that my Dad made me into our hall bathroom to hold toiletries; and I was able to unload 3/4 of the boxes - still sitting around the guest room, waiting for furniture in order to be put away - into the hutch.

Moving those boxes allowed me to get to more boxes that were stacked under those boxes; and I was able to hang many of the pictures that were stacked in them.

So, we took major steps toward order in our new home today; and God allowed my soul to find more natural rest in my surroundings, which makes me smile.

Father God, when my soul needed rest, You were working out all things for my good. It took many days, but You answered four of my prayers in Your way and in Your perfect timing. In the larger scheme of life, my simple needs were not really very relevant or momentous, especially in light of the persecution of Christians going on all over the world. Yet, You cared about the simple requests I had over these last few weeks.

Thank You so much for caring about us, our everyday life and even the most carnal of needs. We praise You for who You are and for Your goodness and blessings in our life. Teach us to continue to walk in Your Spirit and to obey His promptings in our life for each moment of the day.

Thought for the Day:
Regardless of the troubles and trials we experience in this life, God has an answer just around the corner that will meet all of our needs.

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