Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Good Marriage - The Value of Intimacy

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As humans, we value intimacy with both God and one another. In modern times, we even have "Girls (Boys/Parents) Night Out" to develop more intimacy with one another.

One way to develop more intimacy with our spouse is to take the time to gaze into one another's eyes. This can be done all at once or in short segments all day long. The experts recommend a total of 15-20 minutes every single day.

This does not need to accompany physical touch or talking; and definitely should not be interrupted by distractions like text messages from work, family or friends, nor television or computer.

When we have time alone together, we can incorporate aspects we enjoy, as well as activities we never tried before. Take that first free dance class and see if it strikes a chord in both of you. Read a book together, walk on the beach or a nature trail, ride bikes or visit with your best friends.

Chat about your day when you reconnect each evening. Show compassion and laugh together about the humorous aspects of your day. Encourage one another through the challenges, and celebrate your successes together.

Over the years of marriage, develop insider jokes or statements that only the two of you understand. When appropriate, pull them out into the conversation and share that intimate moment of laughter and understanding.

Marital irritations will cause distress unless we change our focus about them. See these issues as endearing events that can be cherished, and they will bring about a feeling of comfort rather than irritation.

Instead of allowing disagreements to drive a wedge between you, remember that you are on the same side of life. Brainstorm to come up with an equitable solution that meets everyone's needs. There is never just two side to any issue. The possibilities are virtually endless if we take the time to discover them.

Father God, help us to see our relationship with You in terms of intimacy. Teach us by Your Word and the examples of Saints of old to discover the intimacy that You prefer. Remind us to spend quality time with You: reading Your Word, fellowshipping with Your Spirit, meditating on Your precepts, praising Your goodness and majesty, and showing gratitude for Your provision.

Also teach us to enjoy the times of companionable silence in Your presence, not expecting You to speak, but just soaking up Your presence within us and in the world around us. Help us to notice the multitude of blessings You shower us with each and every day, and move us to break into spontaneous praise when we do.

Thought for the Day:
Intimacy is a vital part of every relationship; without it, our love will grow stale and lose its flavor.

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