Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Heavenly Pursuits

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Unbelievers demand that Believers "prove" to them that there is a God. That is like proving there is wind. We see and feel the results of the wind, and we see and feel the results of God; yet, we cannot prove either one actually exists (John 3:8).

Unconverted humanity throughout the ages is self-centered and they pursue with a passion what they feel are good goals and worthwhile pursuits. Yet, they are truly inconsequential, selfish, carnal matters that do not merit our dedication.

After conversion, we pursue spiritual matters that end in our loving service to our Heavenly Daddy and our King. Salvation changes our perspective on life, people and pursuits.

Our identity is now in Christ, because His divine nature is united with our spirit. We are no longer concerned about our self-esteem, because it is based on Biblical character rather than worldly expectations.

We crucify the fleshly deeds of our old nature, which is actually dead in Christ and walk according to the leading of God' Spirit, who fills our spirit with the character, wisdom and nature of God (Colossians 3:3; Galatians 2:20, 5:15-25).

We no longer toil through life in a row boat, but we sail through life, and the wind in our sail is powered by God's Holy Spirit within us (Romans 8:14). The only striving we do now is to enter God's rest, which allows us to live by God's Spirit (Hebrews 13:5).

Anxiety, depression, stress and feelings of being overwhelmed are eliminated by the joy and peace of the Lord. We see God's presence in our life and we experience His love and blessings every moment of the day.

Father God, the allurement of sin wanes as we walk in unity with Your Trinity within us. We see You in the myriad of experiences and opportunities that come our way each day. Sin inflicts destruction and dead-end streets that heap guilt and disadvantages on our life.

Yet, living on Your straight and narrow road give us advantages that multiply in our life; and through Christ in us, in the lives of everyone we know. Enable us to see the times and areas where we attempt to rely on our flesh to accomplish works for You and help us to trust in Your Spirit's guidance instead.

Thought for the Day:
God's Spirit gives us our identity through Christ and helps us to walk in peace and joy every moment of our day; without the hindrances of carnal pursuits and empty worldly desires.

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