Thursday, January 12, 2017

Improving Our Quality of Life

Path Through Forest Trees

We often clutter our life by collecting more than we need, as well as possessions that we rarely use. This disorder effects our spirit, soul and body. We feel confusion within and experience negative emotions because of the chaos in our life.

A good rule to follow to prevent this malady is to make sure everything you purchase has a place and to return everything to its place. Material possessions do not make us any happier and often contribute to our depression when they irritate us with clutter.

Keep each room sparsely furnished and make sure you have enough drawers, cabinets, closets and shelves to keep everything else organized.

This makes cleaning easier and more attractive to our soul, because we do not have to push the clutter around in order to dust or clean the floors.

Seeking material possession does not really make us happy either. We feel more out of control if we reap too much debt in response to our spending. We tend to feel like a victim and ignore our personal responsibility in our problems.

Investing our life and finances in people, ministry and furthering God's Kingdom is much more rewarding then spending it on more possessions. Mingling with our church family will also keep us aware of their circumstances and burdens that we can help to relieve.

Father God, help us to improve the quality of our life by reducing the amount of clutter that we allow into our life. Show us that possessions do not make us happy; but serving You and furthering Your Kingdom in this world is what truly brings us peace and joy that transcends anything this world has to offer.

We rejoice in You alone, for You are our King and our God. Thank You for leaving Your home in glory to set us free from the bondage and shackles of life on this sin-cursed earth. We love You and praise You with every particle of our being.

Thought for the Day:
Surrendering our budget, activities, thoughts and feelings to the Lord will keep us in a positive mood, which attracts more friends and improves our influence over our own life and the ministries in which we participate with our church family.

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