Monday, January 9, 2017

Make Each Moment Count

Beautiful red blooming flower in a yard

We often wish away our life waiting on some coveted raise, position, transfer, child, mate, home, car, toy, etc. We fail to see God's blessings in our life because of this lack of focus on the here and now.

We may resent a friend's concern for us due to our busy schedule; our parents may give us advice, but we disregard their wisdom; the Holy Spirit may attempt to guide us, yet we argue with His logic.

The spiritual realm is much more real than this earthly realm, but we usually ignore the heavenly Kingdom and concentrate on the things of this world instead.

God will use His Word to enlighten us and His Spirit to direct us, if we stay in tune with His will for us. He created and designed us to accomplish so much for Him with our life (Ephesians 2:10).

As we mature spiritually, life is easier and less hectic. We strain and strive to a lesser degree, and we walk in the peace of God. We enjoy His wisdom from above and He directs our steps (James 3:17).

Father God, remind us to follow the leading of Your Spirit, to limit our activities to Godly pursuits, to resist the temptations that Satan plants in our path, to guard our heart from evil influences from other people, and to remain pure in our soul - our thoughts, choices and emotions.

Examine our heart and convict us of those sins that so easily hold us back from growing in Your ways. Open the eyes of our understanding and prepare us for the future. Help us to forgive the past - both our self and those who hurt us. Most importantly, remind us that today is Your gift to us to live for Your glory.

Thought for the Day:
We can pray for Godly wisdom to make the correct decisions for our life, knowing that God will caution us to closely and continually follow the direction of His Holy Spirit.

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