Saturday, January 7, 2017

Emotional and Mental Health - A Positive Outlook

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Our thoughts, words and behavior affect our outlook on life. We all suffer setbacks in this world. We are not the only one to have negative issues bombarding us.

No one has control over life. We are all susceptible and vulnerable, especially if we are not surrender to the life of Christ, which God gives to everyone humble enough to submit to His love.

There is no detriment that effects our life more than pessimism. A pessimistic attitude is injurious to our mood, thoughts and decisions. We expect negative circumstance and we reap them from life (Proverbs 23:7).

Actually, life is not really as bad as it seems. God plants a seed for a miracle within every trial He allows. The real problem arises when we reap the negative consequences of our own actions. God does not always intervene in these cases.

Complaining about our circumstances will only add to our pessimistic attitude. It also discourages people from asking us how we are. They tend to avoid our negative attitude by avoiding us.

On the other hand, many people suppress their negative feelings and thoughts and end up with psychosomatic illnesses and actual physical medical issues.

The more we ignore our issues, the more complicated they become. We feel like a victim and we give in to depression and even resentment and anger.

Negative feelings are a red flag from God to help us to deal with negative issues or to place them in His capable hands to work out in His own timing and way.

Father God, You are a very present help in my troublesome times. You give me more of Your presence within me, as I decrease and you increase. If I change my focus to be on You, rather than on the turmoil around me, problems diminish or disappear from before my eyes.

Your peace floods my soul, Your joy replaces depression, and then becomes my strength (Psalm 46:1). When we submit to Your will, we have less to spawn depression and more to rejoice over. Thank you for teaching us to live in praise of Your name regardless of our circumstances.

Thought for the Day:
Sharing prayer requests or confiding in a special friend is healthy, but focusing on our problems compounds our negative thoughts and issues; we tend to blow the situation out of proportion and believe Satan's lies that life is out to "get us".


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