Sunday, February 5, 2017

Emotional and Mental Health - Establishing the Habit of Peace and Joy

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We can develop habits over time to create more joy in our life and to eliminate depression and melancholy. It takes a change of focus and total submission to God's Holy Spirit.

Many habits we develop over the years will increase our melancholy and make us feel hopeless and helpless in this big, scary world.

We tend to regret the past and fear the future. We spend so much time focusing in these two directions that we waste the current moment. This moment in time is all that we are guaranteed.

The past is over and forgiven (we just have to remember to forgive our self too) and the future is in God's capable hands; therefore, trusting God in the moment provides us with a stress-free lifestyle.

Many people live in the realm of "what ifs" and/or wanting what they do not have. They think that happiness will finally arrive when they accomplish their bucket list.

We allow circumstances to color our thoughts and feelings, which usually diminishes our joy. We wait for God to answer our prayers in our way and timing, rather than to enjoy the life, which He already provided for us.

His peace and joy are available for us each moment of the day and do not depend on circumstances. There is no guarantee that we will live to see the next moment in time.

Focusing on having possessions or certain people in our life will also reduce our joy. When Jesus is our center, it is possible to live in an economically depressed area with impoverished circumstances and have total peace and joy (Colossians 3:3-4).

Father God, remind us that people, places and things do not make us happy. Our life hidden with Christ in You is our only real place of peace and joy. Teach us to develop hobbies and habits that enhance this relationship with You, and to give us the opportunity to reach our friends, relatives, associates and neighbors for Your Kingdom.

Help us to corral our thoughts and feelings, as well as our choices, until we find our joy in You and walk in Your perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3). Help us to develop our motivation for living from Your will for our life rather than from our own carnal, limited vision of the way our life should unfold.

Thought for the Day:
We are not helpless unless we allow Satan's lies to convince us that we are hopeless; instead, we find our safety and joy in the shadow of Christ's wings alone. - Psalm 17:8

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