Thursday, February 23, 2017

Enter Heaven as a Little Child

Pink Petaled Flower during Daytime

God offers His Kingdom to people humble enough to assume the role of His child and to obey Him with abandon and trust. We live each day concentrating on each task He gives us. We live in the moment rather than attempting to multi-task through the day.

This is better for our mental, emotional and physical health, as well as our productivity than attempting to speed through life. Have you seen the driver that swerves around you, almost forcing you off the highway in his/her attempt to get ahead?

We see them a few blocks later stopped at the same traffic signal where we are coming to make our stop. Their rushing got them absolutely no place fast. Instead, we move along at a steady pace, walking in the Spirit through each moment of time.

More doctors today are following advice from ancient tribes who live close to the earth. They recommend that we spend short spurts of time throughout the day, sitting in the sun and fresh air with our bare feet or hands snuggling in the grass or dirt.

This outdoor siesta is the perfect time to pray and praise our Heavenly Daddy for His abundance of blessings on our day. This time, which we set aside for God, improves our connection with His presence within us.

We set-up an outdoor spot to sit, sip a cup of coffee or tea, and bury our feet in the sand or grass. We can even go to the public park and play with our neighbors' or best friends' children, our grandchildren or nieces or nephews, etc. We can volunteer at the local school to help the teacher in any way we can.

Our child-like attention to nature and God reaps blessings for us for the rest of the day by lowering our blood pressure, giving our body and soul time to rest, and feeding our spirit by focusing on God and His Word.

Father God, we are often too busy to spend time with You during our day. You gave us the beauty of nature in an attempt to keep us healthy and balanced in body, soul and spirit; yet, we often fill our life so full of stressful activities that we ignore this lovely gift. Remind us to make time to worship You in the grass or sand every day in order to give our self that mental, emotional and spiritual boost that we did not realize that we need.

You are not pleased with our devotion when we squeeze time for you in between a host of carnal pursuits. The more time we spend in intimate communication with You, the stronger our relationship with You grows and the deeper we enter Your rest and enjoy the fellowship of Your presence in our life.

Thought for the Day:
Sometimes, the most beneficial gift we can give to our self is to spend time in nature and with God; use some time of sunshine each day to walk, waltz or sit in the grass; we can even build a grassy plot on our patio if we live in a high-rise.

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