Thursday, February 16, 2017

Healing from Trauma - Part 4 - Yoking Up with Jesus

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At times, the trials of life knock us senseless; we wander around in a daze, shell-shocked and foggy-brained. We have no direction; we are simply attempting to survive.

Trauma is often so deep-seated in our soul, or we are so disassociated with the actual events, that we are speechless. Those who have not experienced similar events may not be able to imagine how we feel or fathom our deepest thoughts.

We cannot handle any more negative circumstances and we have no capacity of inner strength to help us to do the healing work of grieving and entering into God's rest (Hebrew 13:5).

We do not even have any words to explain to anyone else what we are going through. We are perplexed, lost, alone, and confused; we cannot even call out for help or ask to be rescued, because we have no words.

Finding someone that we trust enough to keep our deepest grief private is another issue that keeps us from sharing. We do not want our intimate feelings broadcast to the whole world.

A friend once told me that I was so free in confessing my own issues with others that they feared sharing their intimate secrets with me. I chose to freely share my problems, devoid of pride, and hoping that my trauma may give others hope.

What they did not realize is that my position in the Body as a Pastor's wife taught me to keep the secrets of others close to my heart and not to share them with anyone else. I keep confidences behind locked lips.

I did not easily learn to freely share my story. It took years of healing to find the courage to boldly proclaim the miracles of God in my life, as He used my circumstances to teach me to rely on Him for my strength.

Father God, I started out by sharing a few words when I asked for prayer for strength to soldier on through my situation. I asked for help more than gave a testimony. Through the years of Your faithfulness to me, I realized that we all have similar stories; so there was no real need to keep my issues private.

In sharing freely, I also found others who could share with me wisdom that You taught them through their own trials. Their testimony hastened my healing, and helped me to circumvent and shorten my periods of grief. Their heightened faith taught me about Your lovingkindness and faithfulness to Your children.

Thought for the Day:
When we share our burdens with others, they support us in prayer and help us to carry our heavy load, as we all yoke up with Jesus in our journey toward healing.

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