Thursday, February 9, 2017

Letting Our Light Shine

Green Leaf Trees on Forest

God's Word encourages us to think about positive aspects: lovely, true, encouraging issues rather than negative ones. We tend to live as we think, and positive thoughts will always improve our life (Proverbs 27:3).

God's Spirit taught me to come to Him when I am discouraged about some issue. I don't ask "Why", but I ask Him to show me a positive way to think about whatever is bothering me.

For instance, my daughter rejected her Christian heritage and is into the occult. She is passionate about her beliefs and resents me for not affirming them as plausible and wholesome. I do not "Preach" to her, but she knows very well what I believe. She rejected me several years ago, and has not spoken to me since.

She is attempting to fill the spiritual void in her life from her spirit, which is dead in sin, with humanistic and satanic rituals and beliefs. I ached for her inability to enjoy the goodness of God and Christ, due to her rebellion from her childhood teachings.

I asked God to show me the positive side of my only daughter rejecting Him and me from her life. He pointed out that her current activities and beliefs would grieve my spirit, which is Born Again through faith in Jesus Christ; and that we would have little to actually communicate about at this current time.

So, when I miss her, I just remember that she has taken the broad path through life, and that when she comes to the end of this futile search, she will return to the words of Truth from God's Word within her. Then our relationship will be restored.

As I keep my focus on these positive aspects of this situation, I have joy in my heart, instead of sorrow; and I trust in God to continue to reach out to her by His Spirit. These are her choices and I cannot do or say anything that would change her mind; in fact, my words would only drive her deeper into her rebellion against God; so I trust Him with her life and eternal destination.

Father God, keep us ever focused on the good, trustworthy, pure, wholesome, lovely, praiseworthy, holy and positive aspects of this life; and to trust You for the outcome of every issue that arises in our daily encounters with people and circumstances. We can only influence those who are open to Your Truth; everyone else will notice our silent witness and ponder it in their heart until the day that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is truly the one and only God and King (Philippians 2:11).

Remind us that our call from You is to share the Gospel of Christ at all times, but we only have to use words when people are open to hear them. Your light in us will shine from the hilltops, as long as we remember not to hide it, but to let it shine brightly in the world around us (Matthew 5:16).

Thought for the Day:
When we are in Christ, and He is in us, we focus on the invisible truths of His Spirit in the eternal world rather than on the visible, carnal aspects of this life that is passing away.

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