Friday, February 24, 2017

Living by the Spirit and the Word

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To live by the Word refers to living in Christ (the Word) as well as in the words of the Holy Bible. When we daily read God's Word and walk in it, as well as follow the direction of the Spirit of Christ within us each moment of the day, we find more success and blessings during our lifetime.

We experience fewer trials, because we are not reaping the negative results of what we sow in our human flesh. We find more joy in life, because we are walking in-step with the Trinity.

Even good ideas and activities can become the enemy of the best things, which God already has planned for us (Ephesians 2:10), because they take up our time and resources that we should be using to walk by God's Spirit each moment of our day.

It is hard for human beings to relinquish control over our life - even to surrender it to God. We want to control the outcome of our activities, but this is actually a futile act; we cannot control life, only Christ in us can plan and accomplish a positive outcome for our day's activities.

When we snuggle into the blankets at night, we find more fulfillment and contentment for a job well done, because we submitted to God's will instead of our own (Philippians 4:11).

We cannot trust in the results of our day apart from walking in the Spirit. Satan often mimics God as an angel of light in order to distract us from following after God instead of this world.

God does not always allow the circumstances of our day to end with a positive result, but He always plants a seed for a miracle in every trial. A life changed, an accident avoided, a person brought to the saving knowledge of Christ. We may not see His reasons until eternity.

Obtaining wise human counsel is also always advisable for any major decision that we have to make, but God's will may transcend all human reasoning (Proverbs 3:5-6). Listening to His Spirit within us takes practice, but gets easier and more sure with time.

Father God, help us to realize that Satan opens doors and windows for us too, as well as planting roadblocks; so taking unfolding natural events as a sign of Your involvement is not always a sure sign of Your will. Your Spirit and Your Word must also confirm any natural sign that something in our life is from You.

This discernment takes practice and spiritual maturity, and we often fail more often than succeed; but over the years of our walking in Your presence, You teach us the "sound" of Your still, small voice within our spirit and we stop allowing the devil and the world to distract us from walking in Your will.

Thought for the Day:
As authentic Believers, we live above the earthly circumstances around us and do not allow them to guide us; we do this by spending time listening to God in our spirit and in His Word.


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