Monday, February 13, 2017

Not Forgotten on Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is not just for couples. God said to love our neighbor as our self. He did not say better than our self, but as our self - with the same fervency that we love our neighbor, we can also love our self.

God created us as a body, soul and spirit; and it is imperative that we remain healthy in all three areas in order to serve Him without hindrance or reservation.

If we ignore our self, because God did not choose to give us that special someone to relate to in life at this time, we cheat our self of our God-given opportunity to bless our self in the name of Christ.

Jesus thought you were special enough to die for you, and you can certainly consider yourself important enough to bless in the same manner as you bless your family, neighbors and church family with your life and resources.

So, ask yourself what you want for Valentine's Day and get it (of course, be financially responsible). You are special and you are a person too. God wants to use you to bless yourself too.

The way we view life is often full of negative thoughts and feelings, which cause us to make negative choices and to speak negative words. These negative aspects needlessly spiral our life downward.

Changing to a positive outlook helps us to defeat fear and depression. Finding our peace and joy under the wings of our Heavenly Father gives us constant positive thoughts and feelings regardless of our circumstances.

This relationships starts with recognizing that Jesus Christ died for our sins and paid the sin debt that we owed. He gave His life as a ransom for ours, took our sins to Calvary's cross and gave us His righteousness as our eternal gift. God thinks we are special, and we are.

Father God, thank You that we live a fulfilled life by depending on You alone. We need no person, place or thing to feel complete, because Your Word tells us that as authentic Believers, we are already complete in You (Colossians 2:10). Give us eyes to see and ears to hear the Truth of Your Kingdom and to notice when people around us need a manifestation of Your love through us.

Use Your Word to speak special thoughts to us as we seek Your face during difficult, lonely or trying times during our life. We praise You with all of our heart and we do not reserve an ounce of our affection for any person, place or thing. We love the people and pets and things that You give us in this life with Your Agape love, but we do not depend on them for our happiness.

Thought for the Day:
When we read the Bible, God's Word, we find it full of positive promises and thoughts that we can live by, share with others, and count on every day of our life.

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