Saturday, March 25, 2017

Storing Up Treasures

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If you want to lose weight, there is one sure way…do not work (Genesis 3:17-19; 2 Thessalonians 3:10). If we do not work, we do not eat, except for those few staples that the government provides for the unemployed.

In today's society, usually both parents work and daycare and after-school programs care for their children. They choose this lifestyle in order to succeed in their careers and to give their children the material possessions, which they always wanted and never had as children. 

They rely on their human abilities to provide for their needs as well as their wants - rarely realizing that God is actually providing them with the will, desire, ability and health to earn a living.

During the Exodus wandering, God gave the Israelites small, round wafers to eat that tasted like coriander seeds and honey. These wafers sustained them and came fresh each new morning (Exodus 16:14, 31).

They could not save any for the next day (Palm 78:2-25); they had to trust God for His daily provision. Jesus tells us that we too can trust God for our daily provision (Matthew 6:11).

This does not mean that we do not work, but we may not really need to work so incessantly, while neglecting to give our spouse and children the time and attention they need from us more than "things."

We often work to store up for ourselves earthly treasures that end up rusting or eaten by moths (Matthew 6:19); rather than working toward personal relationships and heavenly riches instead. Following God's will for us is the one sure way to succeed in every area of this life.

Father God, at the end of their life, many people record through letter or verbal admission that they wished they worked less and spent more time with their family. The shock of the empty nest and their children's pursuit of their own life and family come as a huge surprise. We yearn for a more personal relationship with our family, as we had with our parents, but many children are too busy for their parents.

We attempt to cajole them or make them feel guilty for ignoring us, but this only drives them further away. Remind us to follow the leading of Your Spirit and to maintain a relationship with them that will be a blessing rather than a drain. Give us eyes to see their personal needs and how we can step in and fill the gap to give them more personal time with us and with their family.

Thought for the Day:
The bottom line in this life will be how we spent our time loving our family, friends, neighbors, church family and community; responding to the divine appointments that God provides for us each week to walk in His will and sharing our blessings with others as God gives us an abundance of all things.

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