Saturday, March 11, 2017

Separated from God

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I never want to become so accustomed to sin that I consider it normal behavior. If I compromise my holiness to gratify the lusts of my flesh, I short-change myself and grieve God's Holy Spirit.

I have seen a pattern in my life when it comes to sin. The more I give in to temptation, the stronger the temptation is the next time it comes. I shut out the warning of my conscience, and soon I can no longer hear from God at all.

My sin separates me from Him and causes my resistance against sin to diminish. I also lose my peace and joy, and God no longer experiences any pleasure in my actions (1 John 2:17).

However, when I focus on the fact that Jesus already won the victory over sin and death (1 Corinthians 15: 56-57), I have stronger will power to resist the temptation in the first place.

The Holy Spirit is always ready to empower me to break the cycle of sin and to walk in God’s Righteousness (Philippians 2:13). He helps me to remember the promises of God and to trust Him to provide me with everything I need to live successfully.

Father God, give me Your eyes to judge between right and wrong, so that I never lose the joy of being in Your presence. I need discernment to see when behavior is suspicious, because even good things can push me off the straight and narrow road and cause days, weeks, months and even years of destruction in my life.

Cause me to hear Your lovingkindness with each new morning, and to trust totally in You. Cause me to hear the way in which I should walk as I lift up my soul to You to fulfill with Your love, peace, joy and blessings. Give me Your vantage point about sin, so that I do not sin against You.

Thought for the Day:
Jesus walked in sinless perfection, and He abides in the spirit of every Born Again Believers.

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