Friday, March 24, 2017

The Spirit-Controlled Life

Sunset over Snow Covered Mountains

We humans believe that to stay safe, we must stay in control. However, over the years, life teaches us that control is simply an illusion. We are killing our self physically, spiritually, mentally, relationally and emotionally by attempting to maintain control over the people, places and events in our life.

A phlegmatic personality has more of a chance of survival, because they roll with the punches, which Satan, life and evil people throw at us. Cholerics are the worst at trying to control everything, making lists and feeling like they are always responsible.

Melancholics over-react to life, getting easily hurt and emotional over what happens to them. Sanguines laugh in the face of adversity and refuse to take life seriously, often shirking their responsibility.

The Spirit-guided personality is the only one that truly survives in the reality of this world. We realize that we are only foreigners and travelers through this life, without any real investment in it.

We keep our focus on King Jesus and furthering His Kingdom on the earth rather than on our own goals and agenda. We do not attempt to feather our nest to make life comfortable, or go out on a limb to create new challenges for our self, or allow life to crush us or refuse to take life seriously.

We simply live in tune with God's Spirit and gain His perspective on what happens around us. Availing our self to God's divine appointments, we find more success in our daily endeavors.

We see the hand of God leading us, and His heart comforting us and using us to comfort others in the same way (2 Corinthians 1:3-5). His wisdom helps us to see things from His infinite perspective rather than from our limited, finite, human way to view events and personalities.

Father God, Jesus told us that we shall indisputably have tribulation in this world (John 16:33). You promised that You would never give us more than You can handle, but You often allow crushing circumstances to occur in our life to drive us to our knees and to help us to surrender complete control over to You. When we surrender control to You, we no longer make our own plans and ask You to bless them; but we do only that which we see You doing, just like Jesus did (John 5:19).

Once we are broken and spilled out, we are finally empty of our human effort. Help us to plug into Your Spirit in order to find true success in all of our endeavors. That way, even when we beg You to remove a burden or trial from us, and You see the need for us to walk through it, we can trust in You rather than to lean on our own understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Thought for the Day:
Feeling out of control is a terrifying place to live; yet, we are never really in control of anything in this world of shifting paradigms, governmental decisions and views, as well as technological advancements; trusting in Jesus and hiding under the shadow of His wings gives us the most safety and possibilities in this sin-cursed world.

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