Sunday, April 30, 2017

Healing from Within - Part 3 - Inner Transformation

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Denying our true self and attempting to live up to other people's standards and expectations will belittle our soul and make us feel inferior and "less than" those we relate to on a daily basis.

We all crave acceptance and validation, and there is no one better than us to give that nurturing support to our own soul. Christ in us also affirms our worth, because He died for us individually and paid our personal sin debt for us.

God made us co-heirs with Jesus of His entire Kingdom, He chose us as a Bride for His only begotten Son, as well as members of the Body over which Jesus is the head. We are King's kids.

Christ in us gives us worth by His mercy and grace. We live a fulfilled life by walking in His Spirit each moment of the day (Galatians 5:15-25). We are not inconsequential, because we have value to the sacrificial Lamb who died for us.

We set boundaries around our life and keep toxic people from crossing those lines and wounding us all over again. We dress in ways that make us happy and please the Lord, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

We eat a healthy diet to prevent illness from crippling us mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. We do not suffer from boredom or loneliness, because Jesus is always with us, directing our steps to give us a fulfilling life.

We relate to each person in our life as an individual with worth and acceptance from the Lord. We make room for these people in our life. We function in our church family, serving where we feel called to serve in the areas where they need us. We take an interest in our workmates and neighbors, family and acquaintances.

We stop Satan from whispering lies in our mind by drawing near to God, resisting the devil and he has to flee from us (James 4:7). There is no need for us to hide behind a mask, but we can live as our true self in Christ, feeling happy about who we are and what we feel God calling us to do with our life.

Father God, point out our "idols" to us, so that we can lay them at Jesus' feet for Him to replace with His thoughts and wisdom. Remind us to allow You to mold us by Your grace according to Your plan for our life. When the cares of this life overwhelm us, we cast them on Your strong shoulders, because we know that You really do care about us (1 Peter 5:7) and love us with Your everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3).

Help us not to allow Satan to throw our past up into our mind's focus. Remind us that our past is covered by the blood of Jesus. Also help us not to worry about the future, because we know that You have everything in Your control. We want to forgive those who wounded us, realizing that they too were wounded individuals. Help us to move on from those negative experiences, no matter how painful they were, and to embrace the present and future moments that You have planned for us.

Thought for the Day:
As we pay attention to our body, soul and spirit and listen to our concerns, then we can minister to our self as we minister to other people; and God's Spirit will exchange our fears, insecurities and issues with His calming fruit. - Galatians 5:22-23

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Healing from Within - Part 2 - Switched Emotionally and Physically

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Our body becomes switched in our balance, health and orientation when wounds from our past surface from our subconscious mind. For instance, our immune system may attack our healthy organs or allow viruses and bacteria to get the upper hand in our bodily functions.

Therefore, continual nurturing of our soul now - our thoughts, emotions and choices - will enable our health and well-being in the future. Each time we pay attention to our soul, we dissolve the negative electrical charges affecting us in spirit, soul and body.

This allows our healing, loving, present moment awareness to increase. It may improve over a period of time, or it may happen suddenly; but our awareness of and love for the real person inside of us will connect us to the love of Christ in us, and will set us free indeed (John 8:36).

Connecting to the Spirit of God within us facilitates this healing process. The love of God will pour over us like a waterfall, cleansing away the dross from our past. He helps us to forgive and to actually love those who wounded us in the past.

God always uses our trauma to give us a gift: more mercy and grace and compassion, determination and perseverance, agape love for others, the ability to see events from another person's perspective, the seed for a miracle in every trial, etc.

We enjoy life more and are able to help others find healing for their wounds. We help them to nurture their soul and to find healing from Christ within them.

The ultimate gift we receive from our healing is more freedom in Christ Jesus. He shows us the world as it is, and we see and accept our self as we truly are - validating our worth as an individual and as a member of the Body of Christ, as a King's kid and as part of the future Bride of Christ.

Father God, in this world we will have tribulation and distress. Yet, Paul and Jesus both accessed Your Spirit within them in order to find joy in their negative circumstances. Teach us to discover who we are in Christ, so that we can embrace the unique person that You created us to be. We do not need to fit into any mold the world dictates to us; but we can learn to follow Your Spirit for each moment of our day.

You help us to decrease so that You can increase within us. You teach us to pay attention to our needs: physical, emotional, relational, financial and spiritual; and not to expect other people to meet those needs for us. You are perfectly willing to meet our needs and to guide us to people, places, events, ministries and even pets to meet those needs in us. Help us to trust in and to rely only on You through all the days of our life.

Thought for the Day:
Taking down the masks, which we hide behind, and living as Christ prompts us to live, brings freedom to our soul; we can ask for what we need, set protective emotional and physical boundaries with toxic people, stand firm in our beliefs and convictions, wear modest clothing and accessories that highlight our personality, eat food that brings healing to our body, express our opinions in loving and patient ways, and to give our self the freedom of expression, which Christ died on Calvary to provide for us.


Friday, April 28, 2017

Healing from Within - Part 1 - Discovering Past Issues Still Affecting Us Now

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When we have the past in the center of our subconscious focus, we are switched emotionally and physically as well. We expect the worse and fear abandonment and deprivation now as we experienced in childhood.

This unresolved stress of the past haunts our soul and may even manifest in our dreams, which is the mind's way of healing these issues. Our negative subconscious focus often attracts negative people and experiences into our life.

It is not too late for us to heal. The tender love and care that would have prevented the wounds in the first place is something that we can now give to our self to help our soul to heal.

As we take a step back, out of our conscious thoughts and mind, breathe deeply from the diaphragm, and feel the energy of our past wounds, we can give our self the love, nurture and validation that we did not receive as children.

We learn to nurture our self as we nurture other people. Through the power of our awareness of our current thoughts and emotions, we also access the love of God, and our negative emotions and energy start to dissolve.

We really need this nurturing as children, but our caregivers were too wounded to help us or themselves. By paying attention to our thoughts and feelings now, this nurturing attention will help us to heal.

The negative electrical charge in our body will gradually lose its power and we will feel a shift toward health. We will switch from toxins destroying our body to our body living in health.

Now, we and Christ in us are the ones loving and healing our soul, rather than us living as the victim of our past experiences. We face our negative emotions as they arise, and we gain God's perspective and healing thoughts on how to overcome the past for good.

Father God, too often our joy is determined by our circumstances, rather than by our relationship with You. We allow negative events to cripple us and the lies of the devil to bring us down emotionally, physically and spiritually. Your Word teaches us that what we really need is patience. Paul reminds us to allow patience to have a perfecting influence on us (James 1:4-8).

Teach us that when we have patience as our ruling emotion, our perspective of life changes. Patience rules our thoughts and emotions, and all other emotions line up with it. Patience is our fulcrum that balances the teeter-totter of our life. Our thoughts and emotions fluctuate less and find a steady footing on which to rest. We breathe more deeply and enjoy less stress and more balance in our choices, behavior and emotions.

Thought for the Day:
These negative emotional electrical charges from our past experiences contain energy that has been repressed and deprived, sometimes for years and years; however, we do not need to live as victims of our past, because Jesus died that we might live an abundant life now and for eternity.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

God is the Lord

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God is the Lord and He does not change (Malachi 3:6). He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). He is not fickle; He does not waffle; and He is steady, true and totally righteous (Psalm 145:17).

God is love (1 John 4:8); but He is also just (Deuteronomy 32:4; Job 34:12; Hebrew 6:10). He shows mercy and compassion, but He demands that we live holy lives (1 Peter 1:16).

He is not a permissive parent and He does not accept our worship in alternative forms. He does not give us many roads to heaven, but only one - salvation through Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12).

Why would Jesus suffer that horrendous torture and death if it was not necessary? In fact, in the garden prior to the crucifixion, He prayed that if there was any other way for us to find salvation, that He be spared the cup of God's wrath.

Yet, He also prayed, "Not my will, but Yours be done." Jesus was a submissive sacrificial Lamb up to the last breath of life that He took. It is glorious to read that God shortened His time of suffering on the cross, and God does the same thing for us.

Our trials are shortened due to God's compassion, mercy and grace. He allows patience to perfect us (James 1:4), and He calls on us to trust only in Him for our deliverance. He is our only wise God and we give Him all the praise and honor due to His name (Romans 16:27).

Father God, You are the Ancient of Days (Daniel 7:13-14). Jesus sits beside Your throne and He will judge the inhabitants of the earth from Adam to the last survivor when He opens Your books (Daniel 7:9-10). Non-believers will be judged for their unbelief and the debt of sin they owe (John 3:18); believers for our rewards according to our works for Your Kingdom (Revelation 22:12).

Thank You for sending Jesus to pay the sin debt for all of us who believe (John 3:16-17). This free gift is certainly not deserved by us, but Your generous love pours His sacrifice out as an offering to atone for our unholy deeds. We look forward to His coming in the clouds for all of His Saints (Revelation 1:7; Mark 14:62)

Thought for the Day:
In the presence of the Ancient of Day, Jesus will be given dominion, glory and God's Kingdom, so that all people, nations and tribes of every language will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth; this Kingdom is everlasting and will never be destroyed, and He chose His Saints to rule and reign in it with Him forever. - Daniel 7:13-14