Friday, April 28, 2017

Healing from Within - Part 1 - Discovering Past Issues Still Affecting Us Now

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When we have the past in the center of our subconscious focus, we are switched emotionally and physically as well. We expect the worse and fear abandonment and deprivation now as we experienced in childhood.

This unresolved stress of the past haunts our soul and may even manifest in our dreams, which is the mind's way of healing these issues. Our negative subconscious focus often attracts negative people and experiences into our life.

It is not too late for us to heal. The tender love and care that would have prevented the wounds in the first place is something that we can now give to our self to help our soul to heal.

As we take a step back, out of our conscious thoughts and mind, breathe deeply from the diaphragm, and feel the energy of our past wounds, we can give our self the love, nurture and validation that we did not receive as children.

We learn to nurture our self as we nurture other people. Through the power of our awareness of our current thoughts and emotions, we also access the love of God, and our negative emotions and energy start to dissolve.

We really need this nurturing as children, but our caregivers were too wounded to help us or themselves. By paying attention to our thoughts and feelings now, this nurturing attention will help us to heal.

The negative electrical charge in our body will gradually lose its power and we will feel a shift toward health. We will switch from toxins destroying our body to our body living in health.

Now, we and Christ in us are the ones loving and healing our soul, rather than us living as the victim of our past experiences. We face our negative emotions as they arise, and we gain God's perspective and healing thoughts on how to overcome the past for good.

Father God, too often our joy is determined by our circumstances, rather than by our relationship with You. We allow negative events to cripple us and the lies of the devil to bring us down emotionally, physically and spiritually. Your Word teaches us that what we really need is patience. Paul reminds us to allow patience to have a perfecting influence on us (James 1:4-8).

Teach us that when we have patience as our ruling emotion, our perspective of life changes. Patience rules our thoughts and emotions, and all other emotions line up with it. Patience is our fulcrum that balances the teeter-totter of our life. Our thoughts and emotions fluctuate less and find a steady footing on which to rest. We breathe more deeply and enjoy less stress and more balance in our choices, behavior and emotions.

Thought for the Day:
These negative emotional electrical charges from our past experiences contain energy that has been repressed and deprived, sometimes for years and years; however, we do not need to live as victims of our past, because Jesus died that we might live an abundant life now and for eternity.

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