Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Our Supreme Being

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God made the earth and cosmos by His great power. He established the universe by His supernatural wisdom. He stretched out all of creation just as He pleased.

When God whispers, He can cause the dew and humidity to rise from the earth to the heavens; and then He sends them as the rain on the entire earth.

He adds lightning to the rain, brings wind out His treasuries and shakes the earth with great peals of thunder. He commands the universe, the weather and our life according to His good pleasure (Jeremiah 10:6-14; 51:15-16).

One cannot help but believe there is a Supreme Being when we consider the precision in the universe (Romans 1:20). Once we read the Bible and notice the accuracy in which prophecy is fulfilled - most of it that could never have a self-fulfilling tendency to it - we know without a doubt that God rules supreme (Psalm 19:1-4).

Jesus in all of His wisdom existed before the world was ever formed. Before the fountains of water burst forth, before the mountains and hills were established, before the fields, the lilies in the fields and the dust of the earth covered the ground Jesus resided in the glories of heaven.

As the Master Craftsman, Jesus gave the seas their boundaries and they do not go against His commands. He delights in His creation daily, rejoices in the inhabited world and takes pleasure in the sons of men (Proverbs 8:22-31).

Once Jesus takes up His throne on the earth, all the ends of the earth, and every family and nation shall worship before Him (Psalm 22:27). The earth, heavens and fullness of the world are His (Psalm 89:11).

Father God, the earth and all of its fullness belong to You. We see Your glory and exalt You (Psalm 24:1; 90:2; 97:1-4 and 6-9). The earth honors You and we all stand in awe of You (Psalm 33:8). Everyone sees Your salvation at one time or another in their life (Psalm 98:3-4, 7-9; Psalm 104). Yet, some people will harden their heart against You (Job 9:4-12).

All of creation sees Your glory and testifies of the beauty of Your handiwork and holiness and the majesty of Your thunderous voice. We do well to stand still and give our attention to Your marvelous works all around us (Job 12:7-10; 26:7-14; 37:2-22; Chapters 38-39). Then, we will spend our days singing praises to Your holy and majestic name.

Thought for the Day:
From one drop of blood, God made all of the nationalities on the earth; and He already arranged our pre-appointed times and the boundaries of our life, according to His Supreme will. - Acts 17:24-28; Isaiah 45:5-6, 12-23

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