Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Not of This World

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People ask me if I miss my former home and all of my friends; and I explain that social media keeps us connected no matter where we live. I love that technology gives us this gift.

I also have to say that I feel so at home here in my new home that I do not feel any loss. ”Home" to me is wherever Jesus is calling me to live, no matter where that happens to be.

When we put our trust in other people, places or things, we are constantly disappointed. Yet, hoping in God provides us with the faith and love that we need to joyfully survive in this world (Colossians 1:5).

He helps us to adjust and to embrace our new lifestyle with joy in our heart, wings on our feet and purpose for our days. Heaven is our true home, so no matter what state or country we live in on this earth, we are always at home in Christ.

God has prepared a wonderful and eternal home for us in Heaven. He is even now creating New Jerusalem that will come down out of heaven and provide a mansion for all of the Saints - past, present and future - to dwell in together. What a glorious day that will be.

Imagine having Moses or Noah or Enoch for a neighbor; but even more so, imagine dwelling with Jesus as His bride for eternity. When we gain an immortal focus, we lose the anxiety and stress of living in this present world (Isaiah 63:15).

Father God, so often we spend our whole life accumulating earthly treasures, when it is the treasure that we store up in heaven that really counts (Matthew 6:20). Help us to sever our attachment to things and people and places in this world and to keep our eyes on the prize of living in eternity with You (Philippians 3:14).

Give us Your strength to take each day in stride, to keep Jesus as our focus and to maintain our hope in You. Help us to realize those divine appointments that You supply in order for us to share Christ with others and to win the lost to a life of peace and joy that only an authentic life with You can provide.

Thought for the Day:
This world is not our home, we are only here to accomplish God's purpose for our life; then, we will spend eternity with our Father God and with all of our family and friends who trust in Jesus as their Savior; we look forward to this eventful reunion.

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