Monday, May 1, 2017

The Wonders of God

Panoramic Photo of Bushes Near Pond

The Word of God brought forth the vast universe, much of it that we are only discovering with today's modern equipment. God's Word also created Adam for His enjoyment and Eve for company for Adam (Hebrews 11:3).

Many people say they will not believe in God, because they cannot see Him and we cannot prove that He is valid. Yet, they believe in the invisible axis of the earth, as well as the invisible rings around the planets that keep them in perfect alignment to one another and circulating speed around the sun, etc.

We cannot see the wind either, but we can see its effects, and they believe in wind. We can see God in nature in a zillion ways that proves He is real, valid and alive today - caring for each one of us (Romans 1:20).

God's Saints worship and die for Him, because of His work in our personal lives. We see, feel, hear from, trust in and rely on Him on a daily basis. We believe.

We not only have eternity to enjoy with Him, but we have the here and now of everyday life. He interacts with us constantly, if we take the time to bask in His presence within us and beside us.

Father God, we bless, honor and praise You. You have no beginning or ending. You not only have ultimate dominion over the earth, but You have an eternal dominion as well. Your Kingdom endures from one generation to the next. No one can hold back Your hand from accomplishing Your purpose with this universe.

We exalt You as King of Heaven and we look forward to King Jesus returning to take up His throne on the earth. We read about New Jerusalem and anxiously await You placing this regal home on earth for us all to enjoy. Your works are true and Your ways are just - even though You must discipline us or send trials in order to work patience into our life (Daniel 4: 34-35)

Thought for the Day:
God is sovereign over the affairs of our life, He knew us before we were born and planned out a perfect schedule of events for us; we circumvent His plans by making our own agenda and ignoring Him unless we get in a bind and really need Him; however, He is always there for us and in us. - Daniel 4:17

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