Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Good Marriage - Key Ingredients - Part 2

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God usually puts opposites together; in fact, He created us so that opposites attract one another. I used to consider this a huge trick and I failed to see the wisdom or humor in this conundrum.

Over the years, however, I saw the reason behind this attraction. God knows that our individual strengths can compensate for our mate's weaknesses, in the same way that their strengths counterbalance our failings.

We lean on one another rather than insist on our own way or compete with each other. We forgive each other's idiosyncrasies that drive us crazy and look for ways to appreciate our differences.

I have yet to meet a mind reader, with the exception of my husband and younger son. They seem to be able to know what I am thinking prior to me saying anything about it.

Yet, we do not want to assume that anyone has this talent on a continual basis. We acknowledge character traits that we respect in one another, and focus and dote on those personality differences that we find attractive and that we really appreciate.

We all forget what we have been told at one time or another; so it is important to clearly and patiently communicate during our quality time together what we are needing, thinking and feeling until our need is met.

Making a schedule for date nights is often a necessity in our busy lifestyle. This does not diminish the romance of the occasion, but it actually proves to one another that we care and that we consider each other worthy of our time and effort.

We can also spend time together on spontaneous picnics, movie nights and sitting on the porch swing together, etc. These are very romantic times of sharing and also worth our whole-hearted commitment to make each other feel special and cherished.

Father God, teach us to cherish one another and to appreciate all that we mean to one another and what we do for each other. Help us to be grateful for our mate and to realize why You brought us together. We want to serve You with our time individually and as a couple.

Remind us to pray together and to share with each other what we are learning in Your Word. We desire to be Godly examples to each other and to our family, neighbors, associates and friends. Help us to prioritize our time and to keep our focus on You, to follow the guidance of Your Spirit and to walk in Your will for each moment of our day and night.

Thought for the Day:

When we love God more than we love our self or our mate, He helps us to love both our self and our mate more sincerely and fully.

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