Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Setting Boundaries - God as Our Deliverance

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For years, doctors told us that setting boundaries in our life is a priority for our soul - our mind, choices and emotions. I still believe this, because it is a necessary discipline in my life.

I never realized, however, that setting boundaries is also a spiritual necessity for our spirit's health and well-being. Boundaries put walls between our self and our abusers - mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial.

We stop enabling other people by allowing them to use and abuse us, and we make them rethink their habit of over-dependence on and ingratitude toward significant others in their life.

Working to make people happy is no longer important to us, because we realize that their only true joy comes from Christ in them. We stop rescuing them from the consequences of their choices and behavior.

Once we develop the habit of walking in God's Spirit, we gain more strength to say "No" to our abusers, even if this strains our relationship with them.

We allow them to pay their own penalty of their chosen lifestyle and to suffer the results of their own way of life. This casts them on the Lord for their salvation, once they finally realize their utter depravity without Him.

We relinquish the outcome of their life to God, and we trust that in their brokenness they will cry out to Him for their deliverance. We spend our time in worship, gratitude and thanksgiving to our loving God who works out everything for our benefit.

Learning to live in a positive lifestyle changes our health in body, soul and spirit, and causes the significant others in our life to turn to Jesus for their sustenance (Philippians 4:4-13).

Father God, allow Your peace to guard our heart and mind (Philippians 4:7), until we are able to think about and speak only positive thoughts and emotions (Philippians 4:8). Help us to shed the negative effects of anxiety, resentment, disappointment, and living in melancholy spirals over the injustice and inconvenience of certain situations in our life.

Help us to focus on the fact that we abide in Your Kingdom, not in this wicked and dangerous world. Remind us that You yoke us with Jesus and graft us into His Vine to receive His help in pulling our load in life and to securely receive our nourishment from His wisdom and provision.

Thought for the Day:
God teaches us to acknowledge our negative thoughts and emotions, allowing our soul to grieve over our losses, seek Him for the source of the subconscious memories that cause some of them, reject Satan's lies which often fuel them, and distance our self with boundaries from those who currently perpetrate those lies in our life.

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