Sunday, June 18, 2017

United in Christ's Death and Divinity

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God calls us to walk away from sin in all of its forms, and to pursue holiness and Godliness instead (Romans 6:2-4). We no longer reap the consequences of sin, but enjoy the benefits of abundant, eternal life in this world and also in the next (John 10:10).

Christ removes from our soul all of the condemnation we accumulated over our years of living in sin (Romans 8:1). He frees us from our sin nature as we choose to live as a bond servant to God now and throughout eternity (Romans 6:22).

We unite with Christ in His death and arise to live a whole new life of divinity in Him (Romans 6:6, 11), because God conforms us to the image of His Son by sanctifying our soul a little more each day (Romans 8:29).

A life in Christ does not require us to put aside our needs. God meets our true needs more abundantly and successfully than we could ever succeed in insuring their fulfillment in our own efforts.

If we live according to God's will, rather than insisting on living life our way, our decisions may be one-sided; but they succeed, because they are chosen for us by God rather than other people or our own human reasoning.

In Christ, we never have the concern of losing His love for us, as we do with some human relationships which we include in our life. He simply recommends that we spend time seeking His will and ways for each hour of our existence (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Living in the center of Gods will is the happiest place on earth. Devoting time by praying without ceasing insures that we live successfully in each moment of our day and night.

Father God, we are often guilty of creating a God in our mind that suits our paradigm of life and which is contrary to Your Word. You are love, but You are also justice; You are mercy, but You are also discipline us in love. You are a balance of grace and righteousness.

You never leave us without support, forsake us, or fail us. You keep Your strong hold on us and supply all of our needs when we actually need them (Hebrews 13:5, Amplified Bible). Thank You for the intimacy with You that we enjoy each moment of our day, and for filling us with Your presence and Your Spirit.

Thought for the Day:
We are, at this moment in time, as intimate with God as we choose to be; living a committed life of faith and trust in Jesus Christ results in fulfillment in every area of our life.

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