Sunday, July 9, 2017

Receiving More Peace from God

Forest Way

When we fail to deal with negative emotions as they arise, they affect our peace, joy, serenity, harmony, and love that we feel and reflect to the world around us.

Once we take the time to inventory our body, soul and spirit and to identify any pain, spiritual cautions or negative emotions, we can take action to clear the adverse effects they have on our body, soul and spirit.

We often perceive the body language of another person or an event we view in life from our own perspective, colored by the trauma of our past. It is healthy to pray about one emotion or thought at a time.

We inquire of God if the thought is absolutely true or a lie from our flesh, the world or the devil. Is it rooted in some comment or event from our past that pierced our soul like a splinter that gets infected and troubles us?

We search the situation and discover how that thought is affecting our reaction to each moment of our life. What do we believe about that thought? Is it disparaging and does it cause depression, anxiety or anger?

Journaling our thoughts at this point is very helpful. It gives us a reference for the future and helps us to release the pent up negative emotions tying us in knots.

What do these thoughts make us feel about our self? Do they foster criticism and self-abuse? Do we harbor unforgiveness toward our self or others in our life over both the current issues and any events from the past?

Once we take that negative thought and emotion to God, we can hear His truth about the situation. How He feels about us is more real, applicable and truthful than our perception of the event.

Father God, once we take our negative thoughts to You, one at a time, we perceive the situation from Your perception rather than from our own faulty, human perspective. We experience the fruit of Your Spirit flooding our soul, and replacing our negative thoughts with Your Truth. You taught us that this ends much of the emotional pain that plagues our soul, which also heals our body and spirit.

Help us to accept our self and others exactly as we are and without expecting change. Then we will eventually stop noticing these inconsistencies or irritating quirks and painful habits just as we acclimate our self to the noise of a busy highway or the routine train rattling the rails and blowing its horn as it makes its trips through our town.

Thought for the Day:
We do not need to use additional boundaries and limitations in order to attempt to control our self, others and life in general - this is human effort, which only serves to compound our anxiety and anger; it is only as we surrender to God's will for our life, rejoice in each moment and refrain from borrowing regret over the past or trouble from tomorrow that we can walk in God's continual peace, love and joy.

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